In 2008 Bolsover DC commissioned a consultancy report on the Pleasley Vale Conservation Area including an historical appraisal. read it here It states that Vale House, built and occupied by the great man himself, William Hollins II, is up for sale to anyone who can afford to repair it and good luck to them ‘cos I took this pic of it the other day!!Vale House 2008!

Lead, iron & copper in derelict properties have been the target of thieves due to the recent huge increases in scrap values. Vale House was no exception, subsequently leaving the building in a state that was a public health risk. Sadly, it had to be demolished. The pic below shows Vale House overlooking the millpond probably in the 1950's. The site is alleged to be the birth place of palaeontology, the study of fossils to me & thee, after workmen, while extending the house in 1862, discovered a substantial deep cave containing the remains of animals that have long been extinct in this country including bison, mammoth & wolves. Most of the fossils were kept by Hollins but some have found their way to the Wollaton Hall Natural History Museum, Nottingham.

Vale House before delapidation.