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As you can see from this picture of Charles Paxton Markham's funeral in 1926, he was a very highly respected employer, having provided secure employment and a better standard of living for thousands of loyal employees.Charles remained childless & in his Will, he left his family Estate at Ringwood Hall for the benefit of the Staveley employees, which he had always opened on a Sunday for his workers use of the pleasure grounds. In 1925 he gave the Markham family home of Tapton House & 200 acres of grounds to the Chesterfield Borough Council, on condition it be used for the benefit of the people of Chesterfield and that it should not be built over and that the main house be used as a museum or similar. Sadly, the same year his marriage of 30 years to his wife Margaret ended. He married Frances Marjery shortly after his divorce but was to last less than one year. Chales left (the equivalent at 2007 value) over £100 million to Frances Marjery. In memory of her husband, Marjery had Charles' primrose yellow Rolls Royce converted to operate as a ambulance for the Staveley Company.

Courtesy of D Matthews Collection and