An introduction to this websiteThe medieval StuffinsCharles PagetJoseph PagetJohn Hurt's grandad was a gardener at Stuffynwood....In 1881 Leonard Jacks visited Stuffynwood Hall and recorded the event. Here is his account.The Markham family at StuffynwoodSir Arthur Markham's death on August 5th 1916 at Newstead Abbey was attributed to the Byron Curse by the New York Times.....Mansfield Markham married Beryl Clutterbuck a lifelong Kenyan who was as wild as the horses she trained to race.....Lady Lucy Markham's great-niece is Sherréll Cunningham-Swales who shares more than the same African upbringing......After Arthur Markham departed around 1907 the Hall was bought by various families until mineral extraction company, Cast Developments Ltd, demolished it in 1979.Stuffynwood Hall's ice houseThis report published in 1908 explains the subsidence that brought about the eventual demolition of Stuffynwood Hall.A selection of images from the Stuffynwood Estate. Click on the thumb nails.The Sites & Monuments register lists Stuffynwood as having evidence of Stone-age hunting activity. Here's the story....The remains of Stuffynwood Hall revolve around the wash-house and the water supply...take a look inside the very deep well and the water holding tank....a 30 second timelapse put together using charles Markham's 1903 Daimler and my Discovery3 V8. Progress or what
The life of Lady Lucy Markham, nee Cunningham and later O'shea.
This photo was scanned from a postcard. It was probably taken in 1903 with the Markham family shots. I think this because the windows & blinds are all open or pulled down in the same position as the other shots! A selection of images from the Stuffynwood Estate.  Click on the thumb nails.Photos & videos taken during a snow blizard February 8th ology He's got an ology!Click here to see local war memorials and heroes who gave their lives.Ice age influence on Pleasley Vale.'''''Parliament Quarry is situated on Vale Road where the council depot is. The quarry was the source of stone selected for the renovation of Westminster.What did the Romans do for us............Pleasley Park was a royal hunting enclosure for the Lords of the Manor but are Rooke's 'earthworks' really Roman fortifications as he claimed at the end of the 18thC?Pleasley Forge was probably destroyed by fire at the end of the 18thC but where was it, who owned it and what was produced there?William Holins II built Vale House around 1860 but why has it been demolished?A few photos beore & after also some anecdotal info.The history of Shirebrook...The 13thC Beks were a very powerful family who held the Pleasley Manor in the 13th C.Enter here to discover the gruesome crimes and punishments in the Stuffynwood locality from 16th C-19thC.Images from Stuffynwood looking into the ValeContact me...
The affluent Victorians built new homes in what is known as neo-renaissance architecture. Stuffynwood Hall was no exception. The original mansion was built in 1857 in a Gothic style by Charles Paget. His son, Joseph Paget's tower extensions, were completed a few years later in an Italianate renaissance style, very likely in response to co-partner in the Pleasley Works, William Hollins II, building of Vale House aproximately 1 mile away in Pleasley Vale. The licensed background music playing is Verdi's La Traviata-Brindisi an Italian Opera written in the mid 19th century.

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