Stuffyn Documents

Courtesy of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto.



The documents below were kindly copied for me by Pearce J Carefoot of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto. The Library were presented with cases full of papers relating to Mansfield Woodhouse by the descendents of the Hall family of Mansfield Woodhouse, whom held their family estate there along with the hireditary title of 'Sheriff of Nottinghamshire'. In 1830, the brother of Francis Hall, Geoffrey, emigrated to Canada. Sheriff Francis Hall, died without issue, the title & estate passing to the Canadian branch of the family, which explains why the documents have crossed the Atlantic! The documents include numerous deeds, indentures, wills, marriage contracts amongst many other papers concerning the great families of Mansfield Woodhouse. The oldest document is dated 1204, relating to a Royal Land Grant in 'Wulmer de Woodhouse' to John Pincayne, aka 'John the Butler'.(1.1 click on top-left thumbnail) The Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library have a pdf.file index containing all the papers they hold in the Mansfield Woodhouse Collection. The ref.numbers to these files are the same as the Library's index so I have downloaded their pdf index Mansfield Woodhouse Collection Index for your guide to the Stuffyn documents below.

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17th Jan. 1204. Land Grant from King John to John Pincayne (John the Butler)
1511-1516. Land Transfer. From Ann Stuffy to Simon Digby.
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1511-1516. Land transfer. Ralph Stuffyn to William Copley.
1511-1516. Land transfer. Robert Stuffy to Simon Digby.
1511-1516. Land transfer. Simon Digby to Everard Digby.
1516. Land tranfer. Simon Digby to John Stuffyn. (Stuffynwood)
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1512. Land transfer. Land & buildings in Mansfield Woodhouse & Warsop from Ann Stuffyn to Simon Digby & Robert Stuffyn. In Latin.
English translation of 1.13p2
17th May 1512. Annuity. From Simon Digby to Ann Stuffyn.
22nd April 1468. The Will of John & Joan Stuffyn.
18th October 1472. Sale confirmation. From John Stuffyn to William Ffloliambe and Robert Woodward.
28th May 1477. Land transfer. From John Stuffyn to John Woodde & John Smyth.
9th August 1480. Land transfer. From Ralph Stuffyn to Simon Digby in trust.
Late 15th century. Payment schedule. From William de Beavercotes to Alan Stuffyn.
1512-1516 "True copies of such deeds that Simon Digby has concerning Stuffyn Wood or Longstone Wood"
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Cover for 2.2. "Mr Digby's evidence"
1st March 1516. Court testimony. John Stuffyn testifies that Simon Digby gave part of Longstone Wood (Stuffynwood) to John Stuffyn for the term of his life.
11th November 1516. Lad transfer. From Simon Digby to John Stuffyn.
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